Are Baby Bjorn Carriers Bad For Babies’ Hips?

Are Baby Bjorn Carriers Bad For Babies' Hips
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Are Baby Bjorn Carriers Bad For Babies’ Hips? In this extremely busy modern world, parents having a baby cannot sit beside it all day long. So, they use carriers and other tools for looking after the kid and doing their jobs simultaneously. Baby Bjorn is one of the most popular and trusted names in the field of baby carriers.

But are Baby Bjorn carriers bad for baby hips? The answer is-carriers have no direct relation to affecting baby hips. Rather the terrible damage results from the ways and duration the product is used and some other issues as well.When the carrier is used properly and at the same time, all other matters are ensured, and a baby is surely free from the risk of any bad impacts on its hips or other organs.

So, it is sure that the words you hear around about the negative impacts of Baby Bjorn carriers are nothing but baseless rumors.

Are Baby Bjorn Carriers Bad For Babies’ Hips?

Undoubtedly, baby Bjorn carriers cannot be blamed for any kind of physical troubles of the baby, let alone hip dysplasia or anything else. But it can neither be neglected that carriers have no connection to this issue.

In case you fail to place the baby in the carrier maintaining the proper and accurate ways, then not only Bjorn carriers but all others may bring different sorts of dangers for your beloved kid. According to pediatricians and other experts, when a baby is carried holding its legs together for a long time, it results in creating hip dysplasia.Adding to the worse, its regular practice may lead to utter dislocations of the hips.

Another wrong position of the baby is holding the legs too straight and stretching the knees out. When a baby is folded in this position for a long time, it must encounter complications in the hips and other parts of its body.

You must now agree that it is not the carrier but other mostly ignored matters that are responsible for all bad things about your baby.

Does Baby Bjorn Cause Hip Dysplasia?

No, Baby Bjorn never causes hip dysplasia or any other nuisance. You can at best say that misuse of it can create conditions that may lead to this unwanted situation.

You know, any change to the perfect position for placing a baby into the carrier or long time wearing it results in dysplasia. So, remember these matters no matter if you are in the transport or out of the residence. 

Can You Wear A Baby With Hip Dysplasia?

Unfortunately, if your baby gets inflicted with hip dysplasia, you can wear it but not whatever you want like the normal time. Then you must be choosy and of course, follow the experts’ suggestions. 

You should wear your baby nothing but a soft brace when it is affected with hip dysplasia. Because in case you try other clothes, it would worsen the condition. A soft brace helps develop the situation gradually.

What Causes Hip Dysplasia In Infants?

Hip dysplasia in infants may be caused for countless reasons. Some of them are known, but sadly, some causes are still under study. Possible reasons for this unusual development of the cells are as follows.

  • Most of the researchers advocate that causes of hip dysplasia actually start before the birth of the baby. They claim that it happens mostly because of the shallow hip socket, which is responsible for the smooth passing of the baby by the birth canal and ultimately results in dysplasia.
  • A baby may be inflicted with this abnormal growth of cells because of genetic reasons too. For example, if someone in the family has a history of having this problem, the baby is more likely to encounter this.
  • Even the body position of the baby in the mother’s womb is also responsible for it. Any exceptions to the normal position of the baby cause differences in pressuring the two sides of the hip. Consequently, the left part of the hip is always found more inflicted.
  • Another reason for it is the wrong or long use of baby carriers. If a baby is dressed with a carrier violating the proper techniques, this problem may appear. 

Hip dysplasia may occur for many more reasons. So, the causes that can be checked should be checked.

Can Infant Hip Dysplasia Cause Problems Later In Life?

You must be sad getting a positive response to this question. Unless it is diagnosed properly, hip dysplasia in infanthood can cause many dangers in later life.

Untreated dysplasia creates the hip labral tear state, i.e., it wounds the smooth socket part of the hip joint. Moreover, it sometimes causes terrible painful swelling and permanent damage to the joints.

So, whenever any symptoms of this disorder are seen, you must consult a doctor immediately.

How Is Hip Dysplasia Treated In Babies?

The nature and extent of treatment for a hip dysplasia-affected baby vary with its age and condition of the disease. Surely, you won’t apply the same remedy in all sorts of situations.

For treating a baby aged between 1 to 5 months, the core aim is to hold the ball portion of the joint firmly. So, in this case, a soft brace is sufficient to meet the purpose. But when the affected is more than half a year, a mere brace doesn’t work well. Then the bones are moved to the normal position.

But in case the situation is grave, doctors prefer cutting the socket from the pelvis and positioning it. Thus it is matched with the ball. 

What Is The Most Comfortable Baby Carrier?

In case you are not eager to be exhausted by searching for the most comfortable baby carrier, you can get the best one here. And with no hesitation, it is the Baby Bjorn New Baby Carrier that is far better in all respects than its compatriots. Why do we say so? Check yourself below.

  • Baby Bjorn uses no fabric softener, so it is airy, lightweight, and, most importantly, washable. It also gives you the free size wearable for 0 to 36-month babies.
  • Its seat is wonderfully wide and comfortable. So, any baby, irrespective of age, can adjust to it.
  • When you have this carrier, you can hold your baby facing all your preferable positions.
  • As a material, it uses 100% pure cotton, silver, and polyester. As a result, it is as light as soft and comfortable as well.

Last but not least, Baby Bjorn is one of the rare certified manufacturers by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. So, you can bring it to your home, throwing away all your hesitations.

Which Baby Carriers Are Hip Healthy?

You may find hundreds of brands that produce and sell baby carriers. Surely, not all of them are worth spending money and bringing to your bedroom. Our experts have found some qualities that must be in a carrier to be hip-healthy, and safe.

  • A preferable carrier must be made from materials that give the baby a comfortable environment. 
  • It will offer as many carrying positions as possible. Even you will be able to hang it on the back.
  • The carrier must be adjustable to babies of different ages.

So, when a carrier meets these features, it must be hip healthy, and safe for your baby.

Is Baby Bjorn The Best Baby Carrier?

No doubt, Baby Bjorn is the best carrier among all available in the market. It is better than others in the sense that this carrier is made from pure cotton that guarantees the highest comfort and safety.

Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to hold the baby facing all possible sides. Besides, you can adjust its shape to your baby’s age from a week to several years.

So, will you think of others while Baby Bjorn gives you so many services?

Final Thought

As you are at the ending part of this writing, you must now know all the ins and outs of Baby Bjorn carriers. First of all, they are aloof from the blame for producing hip dysplasia or any other physical crises. Neither are they bad, nor are they responsible for any complications of the baby’s hips.

But your misplacement of the kid into the carrier may inspire hips dysplasia. So, you need to be well educated about wearing this wonderful tool. Despite all your precautions, your baby may have dysplasia because it is sometimes genetic too. Then don’t be panicked as you can treat and recover it soon. You must treat your baby’s dysplasia; otherwise, it may produce greater threats later.

Considering all the relevant aspects, experts suggest that Baby Bjorn carriers are far better for babies. What, are you thinking of trying such a carrier for your baby?

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