Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet Expert Reviews | Which is Best For You

Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet
Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet
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Baby Bullet vs Magic Bullet

These are two types of baby food makers. Baby bullet and magic bullet. Now is the question, which one is best for you. Let’s follow this content that will give you details about the baby bullet and magic bullet. It will help you to choose the suitable one for you.

Most of the time, mothers buy preservative foods, purees for their babies as first time solid foods. But babies are unique to their digestive capability. In that case, babies can face some problems and parents want to make homemade baby foods for their babies. But they face some problems to blend homemade foods manually. The different types of blenders are available in the marketplace.

Now, it needs to select a suitable one for mothers. There are different criteria and features of the blenders. It is needed to know all terms of the blenders in the market. Choose the best food maker for babies is an important matter. We will discuss these two products thoroughly. So, let’s have a look at this content.

Baby Bullet

Baby bullets are blenders that carry a big sized mixing bowl with different little containers to preserve the prepared baby foods. These blenders are well designed to make baby food perfectly. This blender helps parents to prepare natural and fresh foods for babies.


The main accessories of baby bullet are-

  • One baby blend blade
  • One milling blade
  • One high-torque power base
  • One short cup
  • Three-piece batch bowl
  • One spatula
  • Six date dial storage cups and one stay fresh resealable lid
  • One batch tray with one lid
  • Manual and cookbook and mini pocket nutritionist.

The Process to Use Baby Bullet

The process to use baby bullets is much easy. You can preserve your homemade and organic baby foods safely. The baby bullet contains some small containers and you have to blend the cooked foods, fruits, and others with a clean baby bullet. Then you can preserve the blended foods in small containers as much as you need. It will save you time and will be economical also.


Baby bullets are very fantastic to use. You can use them easily and clean very quickly. There are two sized blender bowls by which you can make food for one day or more. This blender will help to save your time and money. It will be very beneficial for the working and travelling mother. The powerful motor enables to prepare enough baby food for up to one week. The total package of the blender is just fantastic and well designed.

Pros & Cons

  • 2 blendings
  • Contains a recipe book
  • Fantastic nutrient extraction blades
  • There is a practical accessory
  • The plastic is BPA free with nice colours.

  • The functions of the baby bullet are not the same as the magic bullet.

Magic Bullet

Magic bullets are magical devices. The design of the bullets is brilliant. The blades of the magic bullets are much effective. The magic bullets are capable to mix well the foods with water. All materials of the magic bullet are high quality. Overall, the magic bullets are extraordinary food makers.


The accessories of the magic bullet are-

  • High-quality flat blade
  • Tall cup and short cup
  • Steamer and flip-top lid
  • Shaker lid

The Process to Use Magic Bullet

At first, you have to place the li with the correct blade tightly on the cup and place the on power. Then you have to press down on the cup and lock the magic bullet in place if you want the pureed food for your baby.


The magic bullets are just amazing to look at. They are more stable food makers. There is a short and party mug. You can mix up the foods and water properly with a large cup. The plastic containers are very nice to look at and these are very durable. These containers are BPA free. There is a comfort lip ring for drinking. The magic bullet is very perfect to keep the baby’s foods fresh.

Pros & Cons

  • The magic bullet needs little space for storage.
  • The equipment is very easy to clean.
  • The containers are fully BPA free.
  • The price of the bullet is moderate.
  • The device is not heavy and they are very easy to carry.
  • It is a fully portable bullet.
  • Much effective to make homemade foods and save time.
  • The bullet contains only a limited quantity of ice cubes.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: How useful a baby bullet?

Answer: If you have babies, they need soft and pureed foods to eat. The foods you buy from the shop can not nutritious for your baby. You need to prepare natural foods for your baby. In that case, you need a perfect blender to make homemade baby foods properly.

Question: How much the parents be beneficial from a baby bullet?

Answer: The baby bullets are much beneficial for working and travelling parents. Parents can prepare the baby’s foods in large amounts for storage. It can save time and money also.

Question: What is a magic bullet?

Answer: The fruit, vegetable smoother called a magic bullet. The magic bullet is the extraordinary equipment that makes the work of mothers easier. It is more effective than others.

Question: Are the blenders more expensive?

Answer: The baby bullets and magic bullets are not many expensive equipment. It will be adjustable with your budget.

Question: How can we keep clean the blenders?

Answer: The blenders have to keep from the ground first. Then the plastic containers can be washed with a dishwasher and water. But the motor should not be washed with detergent or water.

Final Words

when the babies start to take solid foods, parents face many problems to give the proper foods to their babies. Because babies are different in their food choice and taste. It takes time to understand the baby’s choice. After that, parents face problems to give the food from the shop. Sometimes, babies can not absorb the preservative foods and they are affected by gas and vomiting. The parents can select the best blender to make proper homemade foods for their babies. These are very beneficial and helpful for all parents.

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