Popular, Unique, Beautiful Flower Names for Your Baby

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A name that addresses a bloom is reasonable for the two young men and young ladies. It can represent polish and womanliness yet in addition strength and versatility actually as are blossoms. Today, I have made two records: one that contains wonderful blossom names for child young ladies and a second rundown with sweet and significant bloom names for child young men.

I realize that tracking down the right name for your child can be testing so I genuinely trust the accompanying records and thoughts will help you track down a solid child name for your little one.


The Best Flower Baby Names for Girls

There are many intriguing, delightful, and ladylike blossom names that you can choose from for your little beloved newborn.

1. Rose

This name is an excellent and exquisite name for a young lady. It is fragile actually like the blossom that it addresses.

Which means of Rose


Beginning of Rose

Latin, French, English

Way to express Rose


Varieties of Rose

Rosa, Rosalee, Rosetta, Rosebud, Rosabell, Rosmund

Renowned People Named Rose

Charlie Rose (TV journalist), Rose Byrne (entertainer)

Rose Trends

The name Rose was extremely well known in the US somewhere in the range of 1916 and 1970. In 1917, more than 9,700 babies were named Rose.

Fun Fact about Rose

Rose can likewise start from German and it signifies “popularity.”

Rose Nickname

Rosie, Rosey, Roz

2. Azalea

This young lady name is fragile and excellent and it likewise has an extraordinary contort.

Which means of Azalea

Popular government, blossom

Beginning of Azalea

Arabic, Greek

Way to express Azalea


Varieties of Azalea

Azul, Azalia

Renowned People Named Azalea

Iggy Azalea (artist), Azalea Davila (entertainer)

Azalea Trends

This name is quite remarkable. Just 286 infants in the US have been given the name Azalea beginning with the year 1880. Indeed, the greater part of them were named like this in 2012.

Fun Fact about Azalea

Azaleas are tall blossoms that action more than 2 meters in stature.

Azalea Nickname

Azi, Zale, Zalea


3. Lily

This name may sound like a common one but it’s very pretty and full of positive energy.

Meaning of Lily

Flower, of the night

Origin of Lily

Latin, Arabic, English

Pronunciation of Lily
LIHL-iy, li-lee

Variations of Lily
Lillie, Lilyana, Lilly, Lilliana

Famous People Named Lily
Lily Collins (actress), Lily Allen (singer)

Lily Trends

It is a very popular name in the US. Since 1880, over 107,000 baby girls have received this name. In 2011, more than 8,100 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact about Lily

Initially, the word Lily came from an Egyptian source. Many parents prefer to combine two flower names such as Lily Violet or Lily-Rose.

Lily Nickname
Lil, Lils

4. Jasmine

Jasmine is a girl’s name that comes from the Persian word Yasmine which means the gift from God.

Meaning of Jasmine

Jasmine flower

Origin of Jasmine


Pronunciation of Jasmine

Variations of Jasmine

Jasmin, Jasmina, Yasmin, Yasmine

Famous People Named Jasmine
Jasmine Villegas (singer), Jasmine Guy (actress)

Jasmine Trends

In the US, the name Jasmine started to be used after 1970. Since then, over 228,000 baby girls have been named Jasmine. In 1993, more than 12,000 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact about Jasmine

Jasmine flowers grow on shrubs that are part of the olive family. There are around 200 different jasmine species in the world.

Jasmine Nickname

Jazz, Jess, Jazzy

girl and mom

5. Violet

Besides being a flower, the word violet also refers to the color purple which is my favorite one.

Meaning of Violet

Violet flower, Violet color

Origin of Violet
Latin, English

Pronunciation of Violet

Variations of Violet
Violetta, Viola, Violette

Famous People Named Violet
Violet (Jennifer Garner’s daughter), Violet Gaynor (actress)

Violet Trends

Violet was a very popular name in 1920 when nearly 3,700 baby girls have received this name. The name became popular once more prior to the year 2012. It is an adorable girl name.

Fun Fact about Violet

On Broadway, there’s a show called Violet in which the main character rides a bus and meets numerous people on the way.

Violet Nickname

Vi, Vivi, Ollie, Lottie

6. Iris

In Ancient Greek mythology, there was a rainbow goddess named Iris.

Meaning of Iris

Iris flower, rainbow goddess, colorful

Origin of Iris

Pronunciation of Iris

Variations of Iris
Irisa, Irissa, Irisha, Irys

Famous People Named Iris
Iris Apfel (businesswoman), Iris Law (British model)

Iris Trends

Ever since 1916, the name Iris has always been popular in all English-speaking countries. In 2012, in the US, more than 1,100 newborns were named Iris.

Fun Fact about Iris
The iris is an important part of the eye. This muscular diaphragm controls your pupil’s size.

Iris Nickname

Rissie, Riss


7. Daisy

Daisy is a beautiful name and it could have establishes in the Old French language wherein Aisy alludes to a spot and the relational word de was put before the word Aisy. De Aisy alluded to an individual who came from that spot.

Which means of Daisy

Daisy bloom, Day’s eye

Beginning of Daisy

Latin, Old English

Way to express Daisy


Varieties of Daisy

Daisee, Daisie, Daizy

Popular People Named Daisy

Daisy Kennedy (musician), Daisy Sampson McAndrew (columnist)

Daisy Trends

Consistently, the ubiquity of this name has vacillated however it has consistently stayed present. More than 131,000 babies have been given this name since 1880. In 1996, in excess of 2,500 child young ladies were named Daisy.

Fun Fact about Daisy

Meg Ryan’s little girl is called Daisy.

Daisy Nickname

Day, Daisy could be an epithet itself from the name Margaret

8. Ivy

Ivy is a female name that turned out to be extremely famous during the second 50% of the nineteenth century.

Which means of Ivy

Ivy plant, plant, evergreen climbing plant

Beginning of Ivy

Early English

Way to express Ivy


Varieties of Ivy

Ives, Ivye, Ivey

Popular People Named Ivy

Ivy Austin (entertainer), Ivy Queen (artist)

Ivy Trends

Throughout the long term, the ubiquity of this name has grown a ton. In 2012, in the US, in excess of 1,670 babies were given this name.

Fun Fact about Ivy

Ivy is a name that individuals truly love in nations like the UK, Australia, and the US. Numerous guardians in Scotland pick this name for their child young ladies.

Ivy Nickname

Ivy itself could be an adorable epithet for the name Ivanna.

young lady

9. Dahlia

Dahlia is a rich and fragile name for a young lady.

Which means of Dahlia

A bloom, branch, valley

Beginning of Dahlia

Latin, Hebrew, Scandinavian

Way to express Dahlia


Varieties of Dahlia

Dahliah, Dailia, Daelia

Popular People Named Dahlia

Dahlia Poland (entertainer), Dahlia Ravikovitch (writer)

Dahlia Trends

In the US, the name Dahlia showed up as of late. In 2012, in excess of 577 babies were named Dahlia.

Fun Fact about Dahlia

Dahlia is the name of a blooming plant discovered generally in Central America.

Dahlia Nickname



The Best Flower Baby Names for Boys

Young men can likewise wear names that allude to blossoms or plants without being excessively ladylike. Some of them are unisex however the majority of these names represent manliness and strength.

child kid

1. Cedar

Cedar is a novel and fascinating name that makes us consider nature. It is essential for similar family as different names like Oak, Ash, Pine, and then some.

Which means of Cedar

A sort of tree, Cedar tree

Beginning of Cedar

English, American

Way to express Cedar


Varieties of Cedar

Ceder (from both Jewish and Swedish beginnings)

Renowned People Named Cedar

Cedar Walton (artist)

Cedar Trends

Cedar probably won’t be just about as well known as different names yet that ought to be extraordinary for those guardians who’re searching for a more special name for their child kid. It’s not right now positioned in any US diagrams of name fame.

Fun Fact about Cedar

When utilizing “cedar” individuals from one side of the planet to the other can allude to in excess of twelve of various tree species. The most mainstream one that is utilized for material is white cedar.

Cedar Nickname

Ced, Sed

2. Jared

Jared is a delightful and masculine name and it has a unique melodic energy to it.

This means of Jared

Diving, solid

Beginning of Jared

Hebrew, English

Way to express Jared


Varieties of Jared

Garrett, Jarod, Jarrett

Renowned People Named Jared

Jared Leto (entertainer and artist), Jared Padalecki (entertainer)

Jared Trends

Somewhere in the range of 1970 and 2002, Jared was a famous name. Since 1880, in excess of 193,000 child young men have been given this name. In 1998, Jared was given to more than 7,400 infants, in the US.

Fun Fact about Jared

Jared is really an advanced type of one of the Biblical characters, a relative of Adam.

Jared Nickname

Jay, Red, Jerry

3. William

William is a mainstream named worldwide and it initially came from the German name Willahelm which was a blend of two German words: will and security.

This means of William

The one that wears a plated cap, unfaltering, bold defender

Beginning of William

Spanish, German, Teutonic, English

Way to express William


Varieties of William

Guillermo, Williamson, Wilmer, Willard

Celebrated People Named William

William Shakespeare (writer), William Macy (entertainer), Prince William (the Duke of Cambridge)

William Trends

Since 1880, more than 4 million babies have been given this name in the US. In 1947, in excess of 66,800 child young men were named William. It’s an incredibly famous child name.

Fun Fact about William

There are two name days during which the name William is commended: the sixth of April and the 25th of July.

William Nickname

Will, Wiley, Bill, Billy

4. Basil

Basil is masculine yet an adorable name for your child kid with an extremely intriguing and incredible significance.

This means of Basil

Lord, regal, daring

Beginning of Basil

English, Greek, Arabic, Czechoslovakian

Way to express Basil


Varieties of Basil

Basel, Basilios, Vasilos, Basilo, Vasile

Renowned People Named Basil

Basil Rathbone (entertainer), Basil Copper (essayist and writer)

Basil Trends

Since 1880, almost 10,000 child young men have been given this name. In 1924, right around 300 babies were named Basil. These days, Basil probably won’t be as famous as possible check it out in the event that you need something other than what’s expected, something that not every person picks.

Fun Fact about Basil

Among all spices, basil is known just like the ruler.

Basil Nickname

Sil, Buzz


5. Ren

I included Ren as a flower baby name for a boy but I would like you to know that this is in fact a gender-neutral name. It is almost whimsical.

Meaning of Ren
Lotus, water lily

Origin of Ren

Pronunciation of Ren

Variations of Ren

Renato, Renly, Rendor

Famous People Named Ren
Ren Campbell (actor), Ren Adams (actor)

Ren Trends

Ren is more of a unique kind of name so it isn’t that popular among parents in the United States. It isn’t ranked in any popularity charts.

Fun Fact about Ren

Ren could be a variation of the English name Wren. Also, there were two popular characters from an animated TV show called Ren and Stimpy.

Ren Nickname
Renny, Rennie


Question: What Flower Name Is the Best?

Answer: There are many beautiful flower names for both girls and boys:

Ivy; etc.

Question: What Name Has the Meaning of Beautiful Flower?

Answer: One name that means the beautiful flower is Ayana. This name is suitable for a baby girl and it has African origins. It is inspired by nature and brings a creative and happy vibe. It is definitely an original baby name.

Question: What Name Has the Meaning of Little Flower?

Answer: The name that means the small or little flower is Posy. This cute baby name has English roots. Posy is a name for girls and it could translate into “a bunch of flowers.”

Question: What Are the Rarest Names for Girls?

Answer: Here are some of the most unusual names for girls:
Fleur; etc.

Question: What Are the Rarest Names for Boys?

Answer: Here’s a list of some of the most unusual names for baby boys:
Kendric; etc.

The Best Flower Baby Names – Final Thoughts

There are millions of cute names that you can choose for your little bundle of joy. It all depends on your preferences and personality, although you should try to pick a name that suits your baby the most.

For instance, those more conservative might opt for a timeless one. Read more

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