What is Best Food for Babies to Gain Weight

Best Food for Babies to Gain Weight
Best Food for Babies to Gain Weight
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You have to gain proper knowledge about the best food for the best babies to gain weight if you want your baby to grow healthy. You will need to keep the child’s nutritional needs in mind when preparing meals for babies and toddlers. A well-balanced diet that will provide substantial and healthy calories must be eaten by children. For your child to look forward to it and not become a fussy eater, you will need to make the best food for babies to gain weight.

Some children just don’t want to gain weight, and there may be several explanations for this. The genetic constitution of the parents of the underweight child is one factor. The baby can share comparable physical attributes if both the mother and the father are lean. In the weight gain pattern of an infant, metabolism also plays an important role. If your baby is otherwise active and balanced, the weight milestone for her age will eventually be reached.

To make meals fun and tantrum-free, you might consider keeping a food diary for your child, making a note of likes, dislikes, preferences, and allergies, and planning weekly menus. Here in this article, I have given a few tips you can try on how to make a baby gain weight fast.

The Top Foods to Gain Weight in Your Baby:

Breast Milk:

Let’s begin with the most obvious recommendation for feeding breast milk to your infant. It is recommended that for the first 6 months after birth, a baby is breastfed exclusively. This is the healthy superfood that can develop the immunity of your child for life, easily digestible, perfectly balanced, and healthiest. The relationship between mother and child is also fostered. You should add liquids and semi-solid foods along with breast milk to your baby’s diet after 6 months of age.


Conventional baby food that is very common in South India is ragi or finger millet. It is also one of the best food for babies to gain weight since it is high in protein and calcium. Ragi is also a good source of dietary fiber, vitamins B1, B2, and B6, and protein.

High Calory Foods:

This list is for high-calorie foods for baby weight gain. The following foods impose a major role to help a baby gain weight faster.


This is a great baby finger food and simple to mash or purée, not to mention super good food for the brain.


Thanks to its mild taste and smooth mashed texture when it’s ripe, it is extremely simple to add to many foods. Read how to cut and prepare if avocados are new to you.

Whole Fat Yogurt:

Babies may have yogurt at 6 months of age, which they often enjoy. Make sure that it’s all fat, not 2% or skim, which is a lot of yogurts.


Great for dicing, slicing, and pureeing classic baby food. Babies are also fond of this super sweet fruit that packs a huge punch of calories.


As the baby is sure to get the yolk, scrambled or omelet type eggs are also better for calories. If your baby always skips out on the high-calorie yolk, do not give hard-boiled eggs too much.

Vitamin Enriched Foods:

B&C vitamins are relatively natural to acquire and play a role in helping kids gain weight and are mineral vitamins that you can ensure that your child gets enough of. The following foods contain the best vitamins for babies to gain weight.

  • Vitamin B is a whole vitamin class that plays a role in proper metabolism, helping our bodies absorb food energy. Vitamin B also helps the body make proper use of this material, whether to provide energy for physical activity or growth and development.
  • Vitamins A & C variety help with the metabolism like citrus fruits and bananas do to your baby.
  • Vitamin D is also present in many bowls of cereals and milk products and is essential for the dry skin of babies.
  • Eating nutritious foods such as meat, seeds, nuts, dairy, shellfish, and other related items from food groups is a great source of zinc. It is a perfect way to encourage your appetite and improve it.
  • Thiamine is a natural source of vitamins that is usually present in supplements with vitamins.This produces electricity from calories that are taken in. Thiamine generates energy from calories in the order of words.
  • With vegetables, you can produce so many different combinations, all of which are higher in vitamins.

Fatty Foods for Gaining Weight:

Dairy Foods:

In every child’s diet, simple dairy items such as milk, cheese, and butter are staples. Milk is filled with a nice dose of calcium that helps develop strong bones and keep your little one’s overall health in check. This is one of the best fatty foods for babies to gain weight.

Chicken and other lean meats:

The fact that chicken is a rich source of protein and helps to develop muscle in the body is a known fact. The best way to make your little one put on weight without making them look too flabby or chubby is this type of healthy fat-gaining.

Dry Fruits:

These magic potions are not only filled with essential nutrients, but they are also high in fiber and will provide the much-needed calorie boost to your tiny tot. They are also known to improve your little one’s immunity.

The Food Recipes of Babies to Gain Weight:

  • Dates puree is also an excellent way to sweeten baby food for 9 months baby to gain weight, while also adding some important balanced calories to banana puree or applesauce.
  • This Paneer Vegetable Puree is an excellent way to sneak in some vegetables if your baby likes paneer. Just make sure you cook the paneer and vegetables just right so that you don’t end up with mushy veggies and rubbery paneer.
  • Apple and chicken make a good, flavorful mix, and young children are famous. Bumps and Baby have taken this combo and added sweet potato, creating a deliciously balanced recipe for this Chicken, Apple and, Potato mash.
  • Most moms have difficulty feeding their baby eggs, however, as it is so creamy and hearty, this Buona Pappa Egg Yolk, Avocado, and Sweet Potato Puree can solve the issue.
  • In most Indian homes, Dal is quite an underrated food, but it’s a great way to add some protein to your baby’s diet, especially if you’re vegetarian. Check out this simple Tarla Dalal Dal and Vegetable Mash that can be personalized with your veggie variety.
  • In this Oat Vegetable and Brown Rice Khichdi, Tarla Dalal has the ideal balanced meal. You can cook it using a pressure cooker to make it as mushy as you want. This is one of the easiest baby food recipes to gain weight



To develop healthy eating habits in a baby, the first years of life are critical. They are likely to stick with her for life when you expose your baby to healthy food habits at an early age. When he/she grows up, it would also guarantee fewer fights and the best food for babies to gain weight. When you are travelling or dining out, it will make your life easy. For her appetite to be balanced, you must ensure that the babies get the best food for babies to gain weight.

You also focus on having a healthy, balanced, nutritious diet and don’t just concentrate on gaining the weight of your baby. This helps develop immunity and guarantees fewer visits to the doctor.

I hope that the above baby weight gain food chart will help your baby to grow healthy and maintain a proper weight.

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