5 Best Forward Facing Baby Carrier For Your Little One

Best Forward Facing Baby Carrier
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We all know how much babies love being in their parent’s arms. However, it becomes unbearably painful when you have to carry your baby for a long time. Baby carriers come to the rescue when your arms need rest.

Think of it as a way of keeping both yourself and your baby happy. The baby will be in your arm, yet your arm won’t have to bear the whole weight. 

Speaking of baby carriers, we’ll be talking about the best forward-facing baby carrier today. So, let’s get started. 

5 Best Forward Facing Baby Carrier

You want your baby to be safe and comfortable when selecting a baby carrier. We’ve chosen the 5 best forward-facing baby carriers, so you can choose the one that seems fit for you and your baby. 

MiaMily Hipster Essential Hip Seat Baby Carrier

When the carrier is made, keeping the ergonomic structure in mind, both the baby and the parent can get maximum comfort. This baby carrier from MiaMily is perfect for keeping your baby in your arms while reducing the pressure on your back. 

The carrier is made of polyester. One thing we like about this carrier is the gender-neutral color. No matter who’s carrying the baby, they won’t feel uncomfortable due to the color. You can carry your baby in three positions using this carrier. So, pick any of them depending on you and your baby’s comfort.  

MiaMily offers another model named Hipster, Plus that comes with an extra advantage. You can carry your baby in six positions with this one. However, it’s comparatively pricier and doesn’t come with the extra part for head control as the Hipster does. Altogether, MiaMily offers one of the best baby carrier for forward facing carrying.  


  • Three Carry Position: Carry your baby as you and your baby feel comfortable. Using this lightweight baby carrier, you can carry your baby facing out, in, or on your back.
  • Hip Seat: It’s designed to provide you with maximum comfort. The hip seat, for example, makes it easy for your shoulder and back. It holds the weight of the body for convenience. 
  • Storage Pocket: There’s a storage pocket in the hip seat, where you can store up to 6 diapers. So, if you’re carrying your baby for some time, you won’t need an extra bag only for diapers. 
  • Lengthy Use: We’re not telling you this from a durability perspective. This carrier is capable of carrying babies from 4 months up to 4 years. So, imagine how long you’ll be using the carrier. 
  • Can support babies from four months to four years
  • Comfortable to carry the baby due to its supporting hip seat design
  • Lightweight, so there’s no extra weight of the carrier
  • Three carry positions to suit your comfort and convenience
  • For older babies, the head support can work as a barrier when facing front

DADA Baby Carrier Hip Seat

Texas Design Safety Certified Ergonomic DADA Hip Seat Baby Carrier Newborn to Toddler, Lumbar Support, Airflow Mesh for Nursing Hiking Travel Indoor. Christmas Gift for New Mom, Dad
  • TRY FOR FREE and ONE YEAR WARRANTY: We're proud of our all seasons baby carrier. If you aren't satisfied, Return your Dada Hip Seat Baby Carrier in 90 days and Replace up to one-year with our 24/7 customer service
  • RELIEVES BACK and SHOULDER STRAIN: Detachable baby hip seat weighs less than 1 pound and helps to evenly distributes your baby’s weight without constantly needing to switch sides or strain your back
  • 8 CARRY POSITIONS: New mom essentials. Dada baby carrier wrap with hip seat features 8 ergonomic carry styles for an exceptionally comfortable child carrier as Feeding/breastfeeding carrier, Front facing baby carrier and backpack baby carrier. Easy-on and off for parents with pre-secured hip seat, allows quick switch from baby facing in to out on the fly
  • FITS ALL FAMILY MEMBERS: Adjustable widened waist belt with length up to 55 IN (4.6 FT/140 CM) and extended shoulder straps for a completely customized fit from petite to plus size parents
  • USE FOR YEARS: Perfect gift for new parents .Dada Hip Seat baby carriers and toddler carriers suit babies from 4- 36 months or 7.7 LBS (3.5 KGS) - 33 LBS (15 KGS) with adjustable back panel growing with your child and provides support for baby’s neck and head

DADA baby carrier is perfect for you when you don’t want to keep changing sides while carrying your baby. If you want the best forward-facing carrier for older baby, this is one of the most brilliant options you can choose. 

This heap seat distributes your baby’s weight evenly in your arms. As a result, the stress and strain on your arms, shoulders, and back are significantly under control. 

This baby carrier from DADA comes with eight carrying positions. It’s a lot like the one from MiaMily, but with more carrying options. Anyone can use this as the straps are adjustable according to the user’s height. 

Another thing we must mention is that this carrier will come in handy for years. You can start using it right after your baby turns four months and continue using it up to 36 months. Nonetheless, the adjustments on this carrier may seem a bit tricky for some users. 

  • Comfortable support for the baby 
  • Padded shoulder belt for the user
  • Superior support to reduce pressure and strain for the carrier
  • A 90-day return option and backed by a 1-year warranty
  • You may not find the adjustments friendly, at least initially 

Konny Baby Carrier

Konny Baby Carrier - Custom Fit Carrier, Hassle-Free, Easy to Wear Infant Sling Wrap, Perfect for Newborn Babies up to 44 lbs Toddlers (Mint, L)
  • No Belts, Buckles, or Wraps – The smarter, ergonomic design of our baby carrier newborn to toddler sling lets you slide it over your torso like a T-shirt and at just half a pound it’s lightweight, compact, and more comfortable for all-day wear.
  • Alleviate Back and Body Pain – Our baby wearing carrier helps evenly distribute your baby’s weight which can reduce pain and pressure in the upper back, shoulders, neck, or waist. It also allows you to move hands-free for working around the house.
  • Breathable Fabric – Softer and cooler than basic baby carrier wraps this sling lets children feel like they’re enjoying a comfy hug while letting them gently move or shift without interrupting their dreams or hurting their hips or joints.
  • Help Healthy Hip Development – Designed to meet strict Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Sling Carriers (ASTM F2907-15) our baby wearing carrier is made with high-quality materials’ that are kid safe, durable, and made for lasting use.
  • Complete Baby Shower Package – Get a baby carrier for yourself or give one to a friend or family member as a push or baby shower gift. Each bundle comes with an outer sash, eco-pouch, and user manual to help better support your everyday needs.

Konny Baby Carrier is entirely different from the first two. It doesn’t come with any straps or buckles. Even though both carrier types are comfortable and serve the same purpose, people often prefer any one of them over the other.

You can compare it to the one from Moby, only better. Moby Baby Carrier can support up to 33 lbs, whereas this one can support up to 45 lbs. The materials are also comparatively comfortable to keep your baby under the warmth and help them fall asleep. 

In addition, the carrier is so compact that you can carry it in your purse. As for weight distribution and user comfort, it’s surprising how much this carrier can do without belts and buckles. All in all, this is one of the best outward-facing baby carriers you can get. 


  • Even Weight Distribution: You can rest assured that the strain on your back and shoulder is about to bid you farewell. This carrier is made with premium-grade materials to evenly distribute your baby’s weight and keep your back, shoulder, and arms at rest.
  • Comfortable: The carrier is made of polycotton spandex, which you may have noticed in children’s underwear. It’s incredibly comfortable and breathable to keep your baby without fussing.  
  • Compact: Unlike many other carriers, this one is compact, and you can carry it in your purse. So, no matter where you need to carry your baby, it shouldn’t be an issue for you. 
  • Simple And Hassle-Free: Last but not least, you can wear this carrier just like your t-shirt. Unlike other carriers that feature buckles and belts, this one is free from adjustments except for the shoulder strap. 
  • Hassle-free construction without any buckles and belts
  • Even body-weight distribution for easier carrying 
  • Comfortable material to keep the baby calm
  • Compact for easy portability 
  • The back support isn’t as great as other bulky carriers

Bebamour Mesh Baby Carrier

When you’re an active parent and need your hands free for activities, Bebamour is one of the best options. It’s made from paper and cotton that features a comfortable heap seat for your baby. You can either use the whole carrier or just the seat, depending on your comfort. 

This carrier is not only healthy for your baby but also decreases your burden as a parent. The design is exceptionally ergonomic so that you can forget about back strains. There’s comfortable padding on the shoulders and the waist so that you don’t feel tired at all. 

 Another option is the SUNVENO Baby Carrier if you’re considering a cotton carrier. However, it costs a lot more when compared to Bebamour. In short, it’s one of the best front forward facing baby carrier in this price range. 


  • Cotton Padding: The waist is adjustable and features cotton padding, just like the shoulders. Unlike other carriers, it’ll keep your shoulder and back free from any strains. 
  • Comfortable For The Baby: It’s made of comfortable and breathable air mesh and cotton that keeps your baby calm all day. No matter for how long you’re holding your baby with this carrier, they’ll feel safe and warm. 
  • 6 Carrying Positions: There are six unique ways to use this carrier. You’ll get an instruction manual to clarify any confusion you may have. Use the position that suits you and the baby. 
  • Diverse: Any time you’re traveling, working, or need your hands free for anything, you can use this carrier to make your work a thousand times easier. Only a parent can understand how tough it gets to do regular chores when a baby is around. 
  • Cozy and breathable air mesh material to keep your baby comfy
  • Adjustable waist and shoulder comes with sufficient padding
  • Six carry positions for you and your baby’s comfort 
  • Perfect for reducing strains on your neck, shoulder, and back
  • The straps would have been better if they were lengthier

Infantino Go Forward Evolved Carrier

Infantino Go Forward Evolved Carrier - Ergonomic face-in and face-Out, Front and Back Carry, for Newborns and Toddlers 8-40 lbs, 1 Count (Pack of 1)
  • Design: Carrier with adjustable ergonomic seat for knee-to-knee support for newborns and toddlers, adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt to shift weight to the wearer's hips for a comfortable fit
  • Wearing position: convertible facing-in and natural facing-out design for newborns and older babies, weighing between 8-40 pounds
  • Benefits and use: Experience hands-free convenience with opportunities for bonding and developmental benefits, whether it’s running errands or exploring parks, there’s no place like close
  • Adjustability: Adjustable continuous seat, padded shoulder straps and supportive waist belt, designed to fit a wide range of body types and lifestyles
  • Infantino, smartly designed products for happy parenting: We design smartly, we have fun and we're overjoyed when an idea evolves full circle into a product loved and used daily by parents everywhere

Infantino can be a smart choice for parents who are looking for cotton carriers. It’s made of cotton to keep your baby away from fuzziness. There are four carrying positions with this one. You can carry the baby facing in with a narrow seat, facing in with a wide seat, facing out, and backpack style. 

Even though the Infantino Flip Advanced Carrier, a structured carrier, is somewhat similar to this one when it comes to design, The Go Forward model is far better for comfort and quality. However, you’ll get a lower price if you’re choosing the Flip Advanced model. 

This carrier can support up to 40 lbs. So, you won’t be running out of its usefulness anytime soon. Experience hand-free time while keeping your toddler close. However, it’s not as comfortable as other carriers on our list for the parents. 


  • Easy Adjustment: This carrier’s shoulder straps and waistband is easy to adjust to find the right fit for you. Anyone in your family can carry your baby without any issues using this carrier. 
  • High-Quality Materials: it’s made of high-quality cotton fabric to keep your baby comfortable all the time. It helps to soothe your baby when they’re feeling fuzzy. 
  • Suitable For Large Babies: Not all carriers can support large babies. It’s not only about the weight but about the structure too. Infantino Go Forward has a high weight limit and four carrying positions to suit babies of all sizes. 
  • It keeps the baby comfortable with its premium-quality cotton fabric
  • Effortlessly adjustable waist and shoulder straps for parents
  • Supports large babies without any comfort issues
  • Four different carrying positions 
  • This isn’t the best forward-facing baby carrier ergonomic features-wise

What is a baby carrier?

A baby carrier is an item to carry your baby with a hand-free experience. You can keep your baby close to you without putting too much pressure on your back and shoulder. Besides, you get to keep your hands free from your chores. 

Baby carriers are most suitable when you want to move around, travel, work, or exercise. People with kids often face difficulties concentrating on other things because their baby craves attention. By using a carrier, they can keep a close eye on their kid and work simultaneously. 

It’s also difficult to keep a baby in the arms for long. If you have support when you’re carrying a baby, you can have a strain-free experience, even when you’re holding them for an extended period. 

What are the different ways of carrying a baby?

There are several ways you can carry your baby. For starters, take wraps, for example. They’re a simple carrying method where you wrap your baby in a comfortable fabric while ensuring safety. This method is suitable for newborns because wraps don’t come with any clips, buckles, or straps that can hurt the baby. 

Another way is to use a backpack carrier. A backpack carrier can come in extraordinarily handy when your baby is old enough to hold up its head. If you’re an outgoing parent, a backpack-carrying method will work wonders for you. 

If you want multiple carrying positions, you can go for a hybrid carrier. You can carry your baby facing inward, outward, or on your shoulder. 

Carriers for Newborns vs Carriers for Toddlers

If we’re dividing baby carriers into two groups, some are made for newborns, whereas others are suitable for babies up to toddlers. Let’s dive a bit deeper. 

 Carriers for Newborns: Some carriers are more suitable for newborns. They don’t require any extra seats to support new babies. Besides, they’re free from any buckles, belts, and straps to keep the baby safe. 

However, babies outgrow these carriers soon. After 12 to 15 months, the carrier won’t be able to support your baby anymore. 

Carriers for Toddlers: Some carriers are more versatile than the ones for newborns. These will be suitable even for toddler babies. In this sense, they’re more durable and worth your money. Besides, you can carry your baby in several ways using this type of carrier. These are also considered the best baby carrier forward facing hiking for more adventurous parents. 

However, you’ll need an infant seat if you’re using these carriers for newborns. 


Facing in or facing out – what’s the safest way for baby carriers?

Even though it’s safe for babies who can hold up their head to be facing outward in a carrier, some babies may prefer facing inwards. It’s better not to carry your baby facing outwards until they can hold their head up independently. 

What’s The Correct Leg Position in a baby carrier?

When you’re baby is sitting in a carrier, their hip should bend. The knees should be apart from each other, and thighs should be supported by the carrier. 

What are the best facing out baby carriers?

Even though there are numerous options out there, we recommend the five carriers we reviewed. They’re comparatively the best facing out baby carrier because they’re ergonomic, comfortable, and easy to use. 

Why do you need forward facing baby carrier?

Forward facing baby carriers are an excellent option for a growing baby. It allows them to explore their surroundings and learn from them. Besides, once your baby becomes a bit older, they won’t want to be carried facing in. 

Final Words

Front-facing carriers are becoming best friends of parents. Babies love them, and parents can be more active when they use these carriers. However, selecting the best forward facing baby carrier is no piece of cake. The good news is, if you’re smart enough to determine what the deciding factors should be, you can get the best one in no time. 

However, make sure the carrier you’re choosing is not making you and your baby uncomfortable in any way. Your baby must stay cozy and active for a healthy development.

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