Colgate Crib Mattress Expert Reviews: Pros and Cons For 2021

Colgate Crib Mattress
Colgate Crib Mattress
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Our Colgate crib mattress lodging sleeping pad survey will ideally prove to be useful on the off chance that you have effectively bought a den for your child, and you’re presently hoping to track down the ideal bedding.

Quality rest is fundamental for a child’s wellbeing and prosperity, and there are heaps of elements to consider when investigating safe dozing. We have recently given an exceptionally itemized guide on buying the best child and baby den sleeping pads, including wellbeing testing data and top tips to help your pursuit.

This Colgate Crib Mattress survey contains all you’ll require to know, including; the items determinations, organization subtleties, advantages and disadvantages just as elective den sleeping cushions you should consider in the event that you feel the Colgate Crib isn’t the right alternative for your child.


Why purchase the Colgate lodging bedding


Colgate is a third-age, family-claimed organization that fabricates the absolute best bunk beddings in the USA. With a long-term history, they’re one of the longest-running lodging sleeping cushion makers out there.

It’s difficult for the Colgate family who support the item nonetheless, take a gander at surveys on shopper locales, for example, Feefo and you’ll see that veritable purchasers have evaluated the item 5/5.

Determinations of the Colgate Crib Mattress

  • Size: 24″ x 38.5″ x 3″. Intended to fit standard American convenient lodgings
  • Weight: 2.8lbs
  • Batteries required: No
  • Least weight limitations: 1 lb
  • Greatest weight limitations: 65lbs
  • Highlights of the Colgate Crib Mattress

The sleeping cushion is hand-tailored in the USA utilizing eco-accommodating froth that is made out of regular plant oils. No unsafe poisons, outflows, or synthetics highlight in the item, making it an exceptionally protected choice for your child.

With 3 crawls of value thickness, a child is upheld during rest or play. A damask fabric cover implies that the child’s skin will be delicately contacted as opposed to being aggravated by polyethylene plastic or vinyl.

Under the material is the waterproof sponsorship, drawing out the existence of the sleeping cushion and keeping cleanliness a main concern.

In this way, to sum up the highlights:

  • It is protected – CertiPUR-US and Green Guard Gold safe: No unsafe emanations or synthetic compounds
  • Material sort – Memory froth
  • Solace – Extra rich solace with 3″ thickness
  • Waterproof – Highly tough and tear-safe
  • Non-poisonous – Hypoallergenic and Phthalate free
  • Lightweight – Making speedy work of sheet changes
  • Made in the USA

The Advantages of the Colgate Crib Mattress

convenient froth lodging bedding

The Colgate lodging sleeping cushion has a place with one privately-run company that lone produces child items, including the essential additional items, for example, bunk stockpiling sacks and natural bedding covers. Their ethos is in a general sense dependent on the security of infants, kids, and the climate which has acquired them numerous industry grants.


The Colgate bunk bedding is intended to fit by far most of the standard-sized convenient lodgings. Infants can remain in their bunks around evening time for as long as three years and during that time there will be a great deal of changes to the child’s conduct.

On the off chance that you have a standard lodging sleeping cushion, it can change effortlessly to the following bunk. It likewise implies that in case you’re arranging a get-away or seeing family members, you can just take the bedding and not the whole lodging with you – giving there is a standard-sized den pausing.


With its tear-safe and waterproof cover, the item is planned considering solidness. The Colgate bunk bedding has a most extreme weight limitation of 65lbs which is the normal load of a kid matured somewhere in the range of 8 and 10 years! So it will unquestionably be sufficient for more youthful youngsters.


There is a great deal of falsehood out there about the evident absence of security with adaptive padding bunk sleeping pads. What’s imperative to consider is that an adaptable padding bedding made in view of grown-up weight is developed uniquely in contrast to one with a base weight limitation of one pound.

With regards to child security, Colgate has covered each viewpoint with its imaginative, eco-accommodating plan. Different organizations may make a case for high-breathability inside their adaptive padding sleeping cushions however this could be restricted to simply the bedding cover. Though Colgate utilizes top caliber, PE, and open-cell froth, with air channels that improve airflow.

Harmless to the ecosystem

The bedding makers have perceived their duty, in the present environment, to deliver items that are harmless to the ecosystem and are doing this in various eco-cognizant ways:

Energy effectiveness –

Working with their nearby Georgia Power who perform energy reviews inside the processing plant; searching for any failures and discovering approaches to diminish the utilization on the neighborhood power network.

Green overhang –

Trees Atlanta planted dependable hardwoods to improve Colgate Mattress production line’s green covering. Established in 1985, Trees Atlanta has now planted in excess of 100,000 trees and is focused on extending normal tree overhangs to improve air quality.

Reusing –

They have decreased the thickness of bundling to be more waste productive and diminish their commitment to landfills. Colgate sleeping cushions are likewise utilizing as much reused materials as possible.

Decreasing nearby disintegration –

The Colgate sleeping cushion processing plant is close to the shocking Atlanta Beltline who were doing combating disintegration issues at the hour of the manufacturing plant development. Colgate gave beds brimming with 100% regular piece coir fiber to be stacked and marked down, giving an eco-accommodating and compelling answer for disintegration control.

Utilizing normal materials –

They were the absolute first in the USA to utilize the turned framework, 100% recyclable material called Natures Nest. What’s more, they source eco froth for their sleeping cushions which are produced using plant oils.

The Disadvantages of Colgate Crib Mattress

Colgate versatile bedding

While the Colgate bunk bedding appears to tick a great deal of boxes, there can be a few disadvantages to the item, including:


Inside the US Crib sleeping pad lower spending range the Colgate bedding doesn’t accompany an ‘ideal’ sticker price.

Non-Removable Cover

You can’t eliminate the waterproof cover, which implies it’s anything but the most effortless to clean altogether.

Size Confusion

A few clients have referenced that there’s been disarray with estimating; depicted as being intended to fit most standard versatile American bunks; a few brands will be somewhat bigger, or surely more modest, than standard size. It is significant that you measure your den unequivocally prior to buying any sleeping cushion.

You shouldn’t have the option to fit multiple fingers between the sleeping cushion and the bunk, as anything else than this is possibly hazardous. With more than 30 variations of bunk styles available today, they can vary fit as a fiddle extraordinarily.

Colgate Crib Mattress Alternatives

Here are some other bunk sleeping pads you might need to investigate on the off chance that you feel like the Colgate Crib bedding isn’t appropriate for you:

The Newton Crib Mattress

The Newton Crib Mattress is the head of the pack with regards to breathable den sleeping cushions. It has extraordinary online surveys, no secret marks, fixings, or synthetics, and is without a doubt a protected decision. It is exceptionally breathable, liberated from poisonous fire retardants, and 100% recyclable.

The tremendous benefit of this bedding is that it is completely launderable as well! The disadvantage to this sleeping pad is it’s anything but a spending plan cordial alternative, with costs beginning at around $300 and just going up.

Air pocket bear Foam Crib Mattress and Toddler Mattress

The Amazon Choice – Bubble bear froth den sleeping pad agrees with, or surpasses, U.S principles for child beddings. It is accessible in various plans, for example, ‘Adorable Car’, ‘Dinosaur Kingdom’ and ‘Summer Profusion’, which makes it more outwardly engaging than a plain white bedding.

Its durable edge gives the child the necessary dependability and backing to forestall sinking edges and to advance safe resting. It can require as long as 72 hours to completely extend, in any case, so would require buying and unloading before your child is expected home.

Graco premium froth den promotion bedding

The Graco Premium Foam Crib and Toddler Mattress is an exceptionally mainstream bedding. It has been thoroughly tried and confirmed safe – free from phthalates and lead and made utilizing hostile to static, against microbial substances. This sleeping pad accompanies a 6-year maker’s restricted guarantee and fulfills combustibility guidelines, set by the national government.

The way that it’s anything but a little box, makes it simple to store and convey. Nonetheless, that being said the bedding should be unrolled and left to completely extend for upto fourteen days before use.


The Colgate Mini Crib Mattress

In case you’re confined with space and are thinking about buying aMini Cribthen you can acquire the entirety of the above highlights of the standard Colgate Crib Mattress with the Colgate Mini Crib Mattress.

Smaller than normal bunks enjoy numerous benefits for imminent guardians, even as an extra buy to a standard-sized den. It’s anything but a protected answer for ground floor rest for the child so you can watch out for them, it very well may be a straightforward method to see family members or go on excursions as the little den is substantially more compact – frequently in any event, accompanying wheels to help portability inside the home from one space to another.


Question: Is the Colgate bunk sleeping pad crimped and loud when the child moves?

Answer: Due to the brocade cover and the bedding is made of non-plastic materials, it shouldn’t upset your child during development.

Question: Is the Colgate lodging fire and fire retardant?

Answer: Colgate has selected to utilize non-harmful boundary textures, over the more brutal fire retardant synthetic substances. This furnishes guardians with true serenity and surpasses government combustibility guidelines.

Question: How would I keep the Colgate bunk clean?

Answer: It’s critical to watch out for the general tidiness of the sleeping cushion. Stickiness, high temperatures, and delayed dampness can carry with it buildup and form. You should eliminate any stains you discover utilizing a gentle cleanser or hypoallergenic clothing cleanser and a delicate fiber brush.

Following this, a moist fabric ought to be applied to remove the overabundance of the cleaning item from the sleeping cushion. You should towel dry and hang the sleeping cushion outside in case you’re capable, on the other hand, utilize a hairdryer on a cool setting for as long as 15 minutes. Guarantee the sleeping pad is altogether dried prior to returning to the bunk.

Question: Where is the Colgate lodging sleeping pad made?

Answer: The sleeping cushion is made in Georgia, USA, with Colgate Mattress valuing American uprightness, craftsmanship, and inventiveness.

Question: Does the Colgate lodging fit every single standard den?

Answer: No. To be sure of the size, you should gauge your bunk, or search for the estimations online of your ideal lodging, then, at that point contrast it with the sleeping cushion. A lodging sleeping pad should fit inside the bunk cozily, leaving no holes for a child’s arms or legs to get caught. Keep in mind, on the off chance that you can fit 2 fingers between the lodging sleeping pad and the bunk then it’s anything but a viable blending.

Last Thoughts – Is the Colgate Crib Mattress Good For You?

In case you’re searching for a den sleeping cushion that is made altogether in the USA by an organization that is accomplishing incredible things, with regards to maintainability then, at that point it merits considering the Colgate lodging bedding.

It enjoys numerous benefits, for example, moderateness and friends straightforwardness and is made by a child item fabricating veteran. On the off chance that they weren’t acceptable at what they do, would they be moving toward their seventh decade in the business?


The sleeping pad is exceptionally evaluated by past shoppers and the less positive surveys are in the minority – at the same time, they are still there. There are, obviously, better quality sleeping pads out there yet they accompany a more considerable expense and you need to address whether that is advocated.

By and large, bassinet sleeping cushions, by law in the USA, all must be considered protected before they can be mass-delivered and offered to buyers. A $60 lodging sleeping pad will be just about as protected as a $600 bedding, so assuming that is your primary concern, the Colgate bunk sleeping cushion is an extraordinary choice.

Notwithstanding, in case you’re searching for bedding with more strong highlights, you should consider the Newton bassinet sleeping cushion all things being equal.

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