Graco Extend2fit Vs Chicco Nextfit | Which is Best for You

Graco Extend2fit Vs Chicco Nextfit
Graco Extend2fit Vs Chicco Nextfit
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Graco extend2fit vs Chicco nextfit are the names of the most reliable and convenient infant car seat base. It is a matter of great concern for a new parent who has a car because they have to carry their babies in the car in a safe way.

Infant car seat base makes the matter easiest as it relieves them by unwanted shaking of babies when they are in the car. Then the infant car seat base is a useful baby product item and makes huge sense for new parents to ensure one for their baby.

But it is true that the market for infant car seat bases is full of different types of industrial products. They have come with different price ranges and features. Among them, Graco extend2fit and Chicco nextfit are the most familiar without any doubt.

As a parent, you may think a lot when you are in the super shop desiring to buy an infant car seat base, but we know that your top priority is safety.

Fortunately, today’s car seat bases confirm the full safety of your baby and they are also standard to give infants complete support and comfort when they are on the road.

Then, which one to choose between Graco Extend2fit and Chicco nextfit? Here is a discussion of Graco extend2fit VS Chicco nextfit that will help you to realize the best one in the market.

What to compare Graco and Chicco infant car seat bases?

When we are at a place to compare the two best same types of product on the market, we shouldn’t do it unconsciously. We have to compare such options that offer both of them.

A perfect comparison only works to choose the best one among two or more items. That’s what we would be going to do here.

Before start, let’s check-in which matters we would do the comparison here,

  • Safety
  • Installation
  • Fabric/material
  • Available colors
  • Dimension of models
  • And other similar features

So, let’s begin the journey here below the full breakdown of all those matters individually.


Infant car seat base manufacturers have to pass government requirements to prove the safety of their product on the road. While it is a sophisticated matter of infant safety, there is no compromise in this regard.

Not all manufacturers can pass government requirements in their infant car seat base product to provide full safeties.

Luckily both Graco and Chicco have met all the requirements in this regard and one can use them without thinking a little about safety.

Both Graco and Chicco come with easy to adjust harness support. Graco’s harness is safe to adjust and it has 10 harness positions to perfectly belt your infants up with the seat base. It also has 6 recline positions and a 4 position extendable leg panel.

On the other side, Chicco has an auto-adjusting harness system which adjusted automatically after positioning the headrest. It has 6 harness positions and 9 recline positions. It also has indicators to easily determine whether your seat is at the right angle or not.

Both Graco and Chicco come with a strong steel frame absorbing foam pad to protect children from heavy impact.

Their 5 point harness system is designed to protect the baby’s figure and support your child to balance in the crash events.

Graco includes Duo guard protection and Chicco has true shield protection.


In the installation system, Graco provides a one-second In Right latch installation system. It is adjustable with the car’s LATCH connectors. Though Graco’s other models come with metal hook clips, Extend2fit is different in this regard. It has a click type connector which is much easier to install and uninstall than other models.

On the other hand, you can install a Chicco nextfit both latch and seat belt mounting system. It is Super Clinch LATCH tightener uses a force multiplying technology to tighten the latch connectors easily.

You don’t have to give much effort to get the ideal tightness and safety level with this seat base. But there is a question may come if yours one is old model cars which don’t have LATCH connectors. No problem, Chicco nextfit is also suitable to use in those cars which have a lack of LATCH connectors


It takes time to go into the conscious period of a child. Most of the parents are willing to use a car seat base for their children until they overcome the period.

Then fabrics of a car seat base is also a matter to consider in this Graco extend2fit VS Chicco nextfit discussion.

Fortunately, both Graco and Chicco infant car seat bases allow easy removal of their fabric. Parents don’t want to use the same fabric for years and years for the car seat base.

That’s why this feature helps them to remove the fabric of the seat base and then give it a mild wash in the washing machine.

But the recommendation is to use cold water when washing and once it has done, you can dry it in the open air.

Available colors

Color is also a technical aspect and people have to drive by emotionally when buying a product item in the market. So many parents are there having a wish to buy an infant car seat base matching with the color of their cars.

Although the color is not a matter of safety or durability, we have added this aspect to emphasize the comparison of Graco extend2fit VS Chicco nextfit.

Graco extend2fit is available with several color picks and maybe there 8 individual color options to choose from in this model.

We would like to mention here, they are Ion (black and grey), Gotham (black and medium gray), Binx (Black with white lines), Davis (dark grey), Hayden (medium grey), Spire (light gray with light blue), Solar (Black and red), and Kenzie (black and pink).

On the other side, Chicco nextfit is only available in one color which is called Matrix. The color scheme comes with a very dark color with some black points and the base is white. Without this, Chicco doesn’t have any other color options for its customers.

Dimensions of models

You need to consider the dimension of the car seat base which you are going to choose for your infant. Dimension matters because you have to determine the right dimension according to your car fitting issues.

It is better to choose a slim and lightweight car seat base because they are easy and portable to set up.

However, in the issue of dimension between Graco extend2fit vs Chicco nextfit Graco comes with 19.2 x 25.2 X 22.1 in its volume and 23.2 pounds in weight. It has two convertible modes to support parents to ensure the highest comfortable feel for their infants.

The two-mode is the rear-facing mode and forward-facing mode. As its rear-facing mood is more friendly than the other one, it also includes a leg extender for extra comfort.

On the other hand, Chicco nextfit is almost 19 x 21 x 29.2 in its volume and 25lbs in its weight. Well, comparing those two models with each other, we can say that Graco extend2fit is quite longer and wider than Chicco. But extend2fit is lighter than nextfit.

Both of them are good to use in a fixed installation of cars not recommended for portable use and traveling.

Other Features

Modern technology is not given up to offer something with a single feature rather than we are now getting multiple features in one single product.

When we are actually talking about bonus features, there are a lot of them to focus up in this regard.

For instance, Chicco nextfit includes a flexible or attachable cup holder. But there is a problem that may be facing, as it can be removed by some inventive kindergartners and can be used as a toy.

In this matter, Graco proves a little of its Excellency as their cup holder is built-in. It has two cup holders which can be used as a drink or toy holder.

Another extra feature that we like to mention is the recline function. Recline function ensures the comfort-ability of the infant car seat base. In this regard, Chicco nextfit has 9 levels and extend2fit has only 6 levels.

Also, there is no manual retreading of the straps in both of them.

What are the main differences between extend2fit and nextfit?

We have seen all the possible comparing issues to sense the best one among Graco extend2fit and Chicco nextfit. Now we have those points that create some differences between these two products.

So, here are those differences,

  • Chicco nextfit weighs 25lbs and Graco Extend2fit weighs 23.2lbs
  • Graco extend2fit has rear-facing position support up to 50lbs
  • Graco is available in a different color while Chicco has only one color

Which one to choose?

Now, we are in the final destination of this discussion of which one to choose. Before establishing one, let’s look at some major options at a glance,

Chicco nextfit

check price amazon

check price amazon

Pros & Cons

  • Easy to adjust head support
  • Easy to fit and remove
  • Simple to use
  • Steel frame
  • Machine washable fabric
  • Airplane compliant
  • Dishwasher safe cup holder
  • Long-lasting
  • 8-year lifespan before the seat expires

  • Quite heavy to move it frequently between two cars
  • Fabric isn’t very breathable
  • Quite expensive


Graco extend2fit

check price amazon

check price amazon

Pros & Cons

  • Simple adjustment
  • Comfortable seat pad
  • Airplane compliant
  • Suitable to use from 41lbs
  • Can be used rear-facing up until the child reached 50lbs
  • 6 recline positions
  • Easy latch installation
  • Dual integrated cup holders
  • 10 headrest positions
  • Adjustable leg extension

  • Heavy at 23.2lbs

FAQ’s About the Graco Extend2fit Vs Chicco Nextfit

What is the greatest stature for front-aligned utilization of the Chicco NextFit vehicle seat?

The greatest tallness for utilization of the vehicle seat in either the back confronting or front aligned position is 49 inches.

Is the Chicco NextFit reasonable for use on an Airplane?

Indeed, all NextFit vehicle seats are reasonable for use on an Airplane. All the data you need can be found in the white data sticker on the vehicle seat.

Do I have to supplant my Graco Extend2Fit vehicle seat after a mishap?

Indeed, Graco suggests that all vehicle seats are supplanted following a mishap, regardless of whether the vehicle seat doesn’t have obvious harm. This is on the grounds that the power of an effect can cause interior primary harm that may not be noticeable, yet could in any case cause shortcoming in the vehicle seat.

Where do I discover the lapse date of the vehicle seat?

You can discover the lapse date of your vehicle seat imprinted on the base.

Does the Chicco NextFit accompany a base?

The Chicco NextFit is one piece, with a coordinated leaning back base, so the entire thing will remain in the vehicle

Does the Chicco NextFit fit onto a buggy?

No, the NextFit vehicle seats are not viable with any carriages, they are intended to remain in a vehicle.

The Verdict

Both the Chicco NextFit and the Graco Extend2Fit are superb vehicle situates, that surpass the high wellbeing guidelines set by the NHTSA.

They are both simple to introduce with the protected LATCH framework, and both have a most extreme weight breaking point of 65lb, which means you truly get great incentive for cash with one or the other alternative, as there is no compelling reason to purchase a baby vehicle seat and a different baby seat, as this seat will develop with your youngster. Notwithstanding, there are a couple of contrasts between the two that have made it simple for us to pick a champ.

First and foremost the cost is a major contrast for two moderately comparative vehicle seats. The Graco Extend2Fit can take a kid in the back confronting position until they arrive at the weight furthest reaches of 50lb, which is 10lb more than the Chicco NextFit, and guardians who need to keep their youngster back looking for as far as might be feasible for wellbeing reasons will consider this to be a major benefit.

it changes as your kid develops, with a smart 4 position augmentation board to give your little child an additional five crawls of legroom in the back confronting position, which means not exclusively will they be protected in the back confronting position, however, they will likewise be entirely agreeable.

The Graco Extend2Fit can likewise take infants from simply 4lb, while the Chicco NextFit begins from 5lb. This may not seem as though a ton, however, it could truly matter in the event that you have had an untimely or small infant. Considering this we have concluded that the champ is the Graco Extend2Fit, because of its superb incentive for cash, and high back confronting weight limit.

That’s all about the Graco extend2fit vs Chicco nextfit. Now the choice is yours to take one of them for your newborn infant. Read more

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