How To Choose A Bandage For Pregnant Women

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How to choose a bandage for pregnant women? Expecting a baby is an anxious and responsible period, during which a woman has to face some difficulties. They are conditioned by the change of hormonal background, the increasing weight and the belly that grows day by day. In the third trimester this leads to discomfort, because of which a woman can feel cramps and tension in the back and lumbar spine. A prenatal bandage helps to get rid of them. Its task is to support the abdomen, unload the spine, prevent swelling and pain. However, to achieve this effect, you need to know how to choose a bandage for pregnant women.

Why do I need a bandage during pregnancy?

A bandage is an accessory designed to ease the condition of a woman during gestation. The main thing is to know beforehand which bandage for pregnant women is better to choose. If it is chosen correctly, then:

  • gets rid of painful sensations in the lumbar and dorsal spine;
  • Relieves the spinal column, legs, pelvic organs;
  • Improves blood circulation and contributes to the anatomical position of the fetus;
  • Prevents premature fetal prolapse;
  • Reduces the risk of a breech in the last trimester;
  • Helps prevent stretch marks.

Wearing it is shown not only to support the abdomen. Specialists recommend using a bandage when the spine is curved, isthmic-cephaly, abdominal muscle atony, uterine scarring, neurological pain when the lumbar nerve is pinched. It is also worn by women who have had a caesarean section or surgery.

How to choose a bandage for pregnant women

Types of bandages – how to choose a bandage for pregnant women?

Bandage belt

The design of the bandage resembles a bandage made of a well-stretched material, equipped with a Velcro fastener. It gently supports the abdomen and prevents stretch marks.

The advantage of the belt model is that it helps:

  • support the uterus without squeezing,
  • prevent the fetus from sinking in the third trimester,
  • to alleviate hot weather,
  • support the abdomen as it grows larger.

It is worth remembering that wearing the belt for a long time contributes to the weakening of the abdominal walls. To prevent this, it is necessary to resort to gymnastics and massage from time to time.

Bandage underpants

This model is a hybrid of a belt and panties. It has thick inserts sewn into it to support the abdomen and lumbar region.

The advantages of panty bandages are:

  • The ability to relieve spasms in the lumbar region,
  • Soft and reliable fixation of the abdomen,
  • ease of use,
  • snug fit to the body.

Only in advance you need to know how to choose the right size bandage for pregnant women. If you significantly increase in weight, the panties will squeeze the skin and deliver discomfort, especially in hot weather.

Bandage corset

Structurally, the model differs from the bandage-belt by the presence of an adjustable belt, tapes to fix the pelvic organs, stiffening ribs and even lacing. Thanks to this design it:

  • Keeps the muscles and skin on your abdomen from stretching,
  • keeps the uterus in a fixed position,
  • relieves the strain on the back and lumbar spine.

A lot of fixation details allows you to put on and take off the product with ease. However, it is not recommended to wear it in the first trimester of the gestational period, and if the baby is breech or transverse.

Bandage selection criteria

In order not to suffer for a long time with the problem of which bandage for pregnant women to choose, during the purchase you need to pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Model. Each woman is unique, so each pregnancy proceeds differently. If one woman was comfortable with a certain model of bandage, it does not mean that it will fit and another. To protect yourself from discomfort, you should be guided primarily by your own feelings. A good bandage must provide comfort while wearing it.
  2. Size. These devices have a separate size grid. Before buying, you should take a measurement of the circumference of the hips under the abdomen. If it is taken correctly, the bandage will not squeeze and chafe. But it is better to buy it with a reserve, that is, choose an adjustable model. If the product in the form of panties weakly embrace the abdomen or, conversely, tightens it, then it is not chosen according to size. Its size should be larger than the pre-pregnancy. In contrast to the model-panties, when choosing a bandage belt, you can start from the pre-pregnancy size.
  3. Fabric. When making a bandage must use natural materials. A small amount of synthetic material is allowed, which makes the product more elastic. The more it is in the composition, the less pleasant it will be and the less air it will pass. The material of the bandage should be strong. This will prevent its deformation and loss of elastic properties after the first wash.
  4. Construction. It is better to choose a product without zippers, buttons, metal fasteners that can squeeze the abdomen and rub the skin.
  5. Design. Despite the less importance of this parameter, it is very important for young mothers. The task of any bandage is to support the abdomen while remaining invisible to others. To feel beautiful and confident, the future mother can choose a product in the tone of her clothes (black, white, flesh-colored) or a product decorated with ruffles, lace, satin inserts.

What is the best bandage for pregnant women?

A woman should know not only how to choose a maternity bandage in size. She should listen to her own sensations so that she does not feel discomfort while wearing it. To do this, you need to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • If a young mother plans to use a bandage after childbirth, it is worth choosing a universal model.
  • If you want the product does not stand out under clothes, you should give preference to “panty” models. They fit tightly around the abdomen and do not stand out even under tight clothes.
  • To feel warm and comfortable in cold weather, you should buy bandage shorts. It will cover the abdomen and keep a woman’s legs warm.
  • If the future mother wants the bandage to be easy to take off and put on, she should choose a belt model. It does not fully cover the abdomen, so it is convenient in hot weather. Many devices are supplemented with adjustment, which allows you to change them according to the size of the abdomen.
  • To relieve back pain, it is better to give preference to a corset bandage. It helps relieve strain on the back and lumbar spine, and reduces discomfort when walking.
  • For more comfort in hot weather, you can choose a product in the form of a tape. It is made of perforated materials that allow the skin to breathe. To support the abdomen, it is equipped with a wide band running in the middle and tapering at the ends.

When choosing universal products, another rule is taken into account. To do this, you need to measure the abdomen by applying a tape of centimeters around its circumference in the area of the belly button. To the obtained value you need to add 5. The last digit of the resulting value corresponds to the size of the product. To be sure you have chosen the right bandage, it is better to try it on when you buy it.

How to use a maternity bandage

Important: Wearing a “small” bandage can disrupt blood circulation, and this is categorically forbidden!

  • The product must always be the right size for you;
  • If, when wearing the product, you feel shortness of breath, lack of air, if the child begins to show increased activity, immediately remove the bandage or weaken it to a comfortable state;
  • If in the first days of wearing the product you will feel uncomfortable do not be alarmed, just your body needs to get used to the new sensations. However, if, after a few days of wearing the product, your sensations do not change, then you can conclude that this model is not suitable for you, or you have chosen the wrong size;
  • Every 3 hours you need to remove the bandage, allowing the body to rest (there are models that can be worn all day and take off only at night);
  • The product must be worn if you move a lot and actively;
  • Pay attention to the correct positioning of the product on the body. Its design is specially designed so that a woman can put it on and take it off by herself.

Important: the product should not squeeze the belly, causing even the slightest discomfort.

  • Keep the product clean and wash it regularly;
  • Do not buy a bandage, used, it may be useless because it is stretched from prolonged use by the former owner.

We have tried to give the most complete information about bandages for pregnant women and hope that it will be useful for you to choose and buy the product.

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