How to Make Baby Doll Food Expert Tips & Advice

how to make baby doll food
how to make baby doll food
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Have you ever played with Baby Live? Maybe you have one doll and your doll’s meal is over. Baby Alive Food is quite expensive. This is how it will save you a lot of money and most of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen.


  • tablespoons baking soda or flour
  • tablespoons water
  • drop food coloring (alchemy)
  • Shake

Step 1

First, take out a mixing bowl. Then, add three tablespoons of baking soda to the bowl, making sure you don’t add too much or too little.

Step 2

After adding the baking soda to the bowl, soak it in three tablespoons of water.

Step 3

Once you have the baking soda and water in the mixing bowl there should be a delicious mixture for your baby to live. To give the mixture some color, mix three drops of food coloring in the bowl.

Step 4

Stir the mixture using a spoon until the ingredients are completely mixed. Serve the food to your baby live doll while being careful not to spread it and disturb it.

Step 5

To prepare food in a packet to be mixed with water while traveling, keep it in a small bag mixed with food coloring and baking soda. To prepare the food, pour the powder into a bowl and add water, then stir and serve.

Step 6

For the Baby Alive Juice in the packet, take a little bit of paper towel, color it all with a washable marker of your choice, and put it in a small bag; To prepare the juice, soak it in water, mix it until the watery color and take out on a paper towel. Pour the baby bottle and serve.



  • To make Baby Alive Juice, mix water with any colored food coloring. Put it in an empty water bottle. After caping the bottle, shake it well and give it to your baby living doll.
  • If your food doesn’t have color, mix baking soda and water together.
  • To preserve food, add three teaspoons of salt and place the food bowl in a fridge. Use whenever you want.
  • You can also use sorbitol for baby Alive doll food – a sugar substitute available at healthy food stores.
  • If you do not have baking soda, mix water, and food coloring together.
    Choose hot or warm water to protect the doll from getting stuck.
  • Save money with the other end – where it goes after feeding the doll. Try to buy cheap store-bought brand
  • diapers in premium form. Roll up the diaper to clean the bottom of your baby’s life and wipe with the diaper from the outside.
  • Be sure to clean your baby Alive doll after feeding or the mold will grow inside it.
  • Be sure to clean your baby Alive doll after feeding or the mold will grow inside it. Rinse the bottle and then rinse the baby tube so that it does not become thick.
  • Do not eat too much of Baby Alive or the food will come out of her diaper.
  • Make sure you put on the diaper after feeding your doll.



  • If you stuck your baby alive because you used a lot of baking soda.
  • use apple cider vinegar! Rinse your baby with water and then go downstairs.
  • It will look very tangled with baking soda. All right though! All you have to do is bring out all the baking soda to get a sharp enough object. Rinse with water after the procedure
  • Don’t use too much baking soda or it will stick to the doll.
  • Do not feed your baby live dolls with real baby food as this will make your dolls stink. Also, it can attract insects and small animals.
  • Make sure the mixture is smooth and creamy. If it doesn’t, it won’t work and the doll will get stuck.


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