How to Make Homemade Baby Food For Your Lovely Baby

How to make homemade baby food
How to make homemade baby food
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Are you know how to make homemade baby food?it is not surprising that new parents take much effort and care for their newborn baby. they don’t want to miss a simple inch of taking care of their babies. in this way, baby feeding is a much important issue for them and sometimes they got worried to find the best way of feeding babies.

whatever, online makes things easier to find and it offers solutions to any problems to the user at their home. though there are so many baby care specialists available, and they would suggest the best solutions to parents.

but in such serious cases, parents would need a faster opinion of what they should do. this is why we are here. in this article, we will try to give answer all of your inquiries related to the baby feeding system.

first of all, you would have to know about how to make homemade baby food according to their stage. it is so much important to feed your baby through experts’ opinions. because ignorance can harm your baby a lot and can cause serious situations.

baby food depends on the stage of the baby, there are five different stages decide by baby specialists. they are,

  • stage 1: 4+ months
  • podium 2: 6+ months
  • stage 3: 9+ months

we are showing what you would have to feed your baby in which stage here below.

what is the best baby food recipes?

homemade baby food is the best item you can feed your baby. customize food cant ensure hundred per cent safety and we can see such local food item causes many diseases of people. so, if you decided to prepare baby food at your home, you would have some knowledge about how to prepare the perfect meal for your baby.

because making food for newborns is not a simple task. you would have several things on the mind like nutrition, capacity, and obviously the taste. as babies arent eat a bowl or plate, they just take only 2 or 3 spoons.

as a parent, you have to ensure that, your baby is getting all the nutrition in that short taking. otherwise, they would get sick easily. however, we are here to help you with a list of possible baby food recipes. you can surely any of them to your baby for sure.

Pea puree

as peas are a great source of useful nutrition that needs a baby most, you can use them to feed your baby. although, you cant eat peas without transforming them as perfect for feed to your baby.

how to make peas perfect to comfortably feed your baby? the best way is making peas puree according to the stage of your baby. for this, you would need,

  • 3 cup frozen peas
  • ½ cup breast milk

First of all, you have to steam the peas with a little water in a saucepan for 15 minutes. after that, you have to blend peas with milk into a blender. blending shouldn’t stop until the puree gets a creamy look.

then distort the mixture through a sieve fine mesh to remove any swelling or lumps. When it has done, take an ice cube tray and pure all the cubes with the mixtures, and place the tray into the freezer.

you could release cubes and can store them in a plastic bag but must keep that in the refrigerator. at the feeding time, take one cube and heat through microwaves for 30 seconds.

Do you know peas are solid storage of vitamin A, vitamin C, iron, protein, and calcium?

banana puree

bananas are known as a natural antacid and called one of the best foods for babies. bananas are the best medicating staple and also they are easy to pulp and prepare.

banana puree is full of nutrition and keeps babies healthy and joyful with its energy supply. so, you can keep banana puree as a regular item on your baby feeding list.

to make a banana puree, all you need is a small banana. then you have to peel it and chop it up using a fork. if your baby is in the first stage (4+ months), it would be better to add a little milk to make it smooth. adding milk could give a different taste to the puree.

baby brown rice cereal

rice cereal is highly mentionable because of its easy digestion. Moreover, it is a portion of common baby food and has been used to feed babies traditionally for a long time ago. mixing brown rice with a pretty light consistency will help babies switch from an all-liquid diet to a stronger one.

To feed this solid food to your baby, you need ½ cup of brown rice and 4 cups of water. also, you would have a blender that is able to mill the brown rice.

First of all, add rice into the blender and mill to a fine powder. add the milled brown rice with 4 cups of water and put it into a cooker. give lower heat for 20 minutes. you should check the consistency of the cereal and would have to add water if it needs to be thin.

when the cereal is ready with the appropriate condition for your baby, you can store it in your storage cups. there are silicone freezer storage trays available on the market, you can use them to store rice brown cereal.


along with these three recipes, you can also try,

  • avocado puree
  • baked sweet potato puree
  • first carrot puree
  • pumpkin thyme puree
  • avocado and banana baby food
  • butternut squash and pear puree
  • papaya puree
  • white fish, carrot and leek puree, baby beef stew, raw baby puree of blueberry, mango, avocado, and mild chillies


that’s not all, you can try other recipes for feeding your baby. There is no shortage of baby food recipes on the internet, you can easily find them by searching for them and can make a variety of your baby food. don’t forget to wash food before using it.

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