How to Store Homemade Baby Food? Helpful Reviews For 2021

How to store homemade baby food
How to store homemade baby food
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How to store homemade baby food? You have to maintain the exact temperature, time duration, and the perfect air tightening container for homemade baby food storage. It defers based on the baby food pattern.

Providing solid foods to babies is a very important and essential fact for all parents. And restoring homemade baby foods is also important because it is very needed to know the restoring process of baby foods. Restoring process of homemade baby foods has some unique rules based on food patterns. In this content, we will know about the baby food restoring process in detail.

What do you think about the food storage for your baby? There was a nitty bitty discussion about the storage process. We will know about the full details of baby food storage. So, without thinking just dive in.

What is the Best Homemade Baby Food? 

Best homemade baby foods refer to the foods which will give the exact nutrients to your baby. You have to ensure the food quality of your baby. When your child can digest the individual foods, you can add the multi combinations with foods to increase the flavour, colour, and taste. You can add homemade foods based on your baby’s choice, taste, and needs. Some best homemade baby foods are; bananas puree, baby brown rice cereal, pea puree, avocado puree, first carrots puree, baked sweet potato, etc.

Is Homemade Baby Food Healthier?

Homemade baby foods are more nutritious. These will be tastier for your baby also. But to keep the nutrition and taste, you have to process the baby foods an exact way and keep these fresher. Another important matter is that you can maintain the essential ingredients and quality of your baby foods when you make them on your own. Homemade food also save your money and it will ensure you more purity of foods.

How do you Make your Baby Food?

The stomach of a baby is prepared to take solid foods from 5 to 6 months old. Preparing a meal with scratch can be the best choice. But there is no selected food to select as first. You can make solid foods with a combination of nutritious foods. For making your baby foods perfectly, you have to follow some steps:

  • Select the right supplies to make foods.
  • You have to select the essential ingredients.
  • Add flavour to baby foods to increase the taste.
  • Serve foods to your baby.
  • Store your baby foods carefully.

How to Store Homemade Baby Food?

You can store homemade baby foods after cooking. The processed foods can be refrigerated for up to 48 to 72 hours and in the freezer for up to 3 months. Ensure that, the refrigerator has to be kept below 40 degrees. Bacteria start to grow at room temperature just after 2 hours from cooking. So, if the cooked foods are not eaten within 24 hours, it should be refrigerated. You should follow some processes to refrigerate baby foods perfectly. Let’s discuss-

Step 1: Refrigerate the Homemade Baby Foods:

You should refrigerate the homemade baby foods within two hours from its making time. You must use an airtight container to contain homemade baby foods. Since bacteria have been introduced to the baby foods after 2 hours, you have to ensure the homemade baby foods are refrigerated. The foods with meat, poultry, eggs, meat, can be stored for one day but you can restore the fruits and vegetables for a few days. Refrigeration of homemade baby foods can save you time, money, and energy. It will also save your money and will be helpful to go outside instantly with your baby. Every parent should know the actual process of how to store homemade baby food.

Step 2: Store the Homemade Baby Foods in Freezer

Baby homemade foods can be frozen for a long term basis. You can use small freezer containers, ice cube trays to freeze the baby foods. The purchased purees can also be frozen for up to two days. The purchased baby foods should not be stored in glass jars because glass can be cracked. If you want to freeze the baby foods in the ice cube tray, you have to wrap it tightly with strong plastic paper.

Step 3: Freeze Homemade Baby Foods for Maximum two Months

Freeze bags and ice cube trays are very useful to keep the homemade baby foods in the freeze. After frozen the foods in ice cube trays, you should transfer the frozen cubes into storage bags for long term storage. This process will keep your baby foods good for up to one month. Working moms can easily apply this process in their free time. It will save time and keep them happier. This will more helpful for travelling parents.

Let’s go to get the idea about how to store homemade baby foods in an instant:

  • Homemade baby foods can be kept in different covered containers in the refrigerator and this food can contain its nutrients for up to one day.
  • Baby foods can be frozen and can be used up to three to four weeks.
  • The purees of baby foods are frozen in different sized ice trays and when these are frozen, the cubes are transferred to the frozen bags.
  • You should take out only the foods needed for one meal for your baby.
  • If you thaw the baby foods from the refrigerator, you cannot back it to the fridge.
  • The bacteria have been produced within two hours after cooking. So, be careful about your baby feeding.
  • The storage of foods is a very useful and beneficial process to all parents but this process can be applied very carefully.
  • You have to maintain the time duration of the frozen very carefully.

Frequently Asked Question

Question: Are frozen foods good for babies?

Answer: Frozen foods are fine for babies. But these have to be maintained with time and good containers.

Question: Do freezing foods waste nutrients?

Answer: Normally, fresh foods lose many nutrients due to many reasons but freezing foods do not waste the nutrients of foods.

Question: What is the difference between homemade and jarred foods?

Answer: Jarred foods contain preservatives and can kill bacteria. But homemade foods have no preservatives and they cannot be kept well for a long time.

Question: How much time frozen foods long last?

Answer: It depends on the food type. The foods with poultry, meat, eggs are stored for one month but the fruits, vegetables can be frozen for up to two to three months.

Question: Is it needed to reheat baby frozen foods?

Answer: Don’t give cold foods to your baby straight from the fridge. They need to be reheated and come to a normal temperature to give babies.

Wrapping Up

How to store homemade baby food? It’s a very common question for all new parents. It’s a very important matter for the parents to give their babies solid food the first time. And the working parents need to store homemade baby foods. Hopefully, we have already known about the storing process of homemade baby foods. Read more

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